Josephine Ley


So I’m guessing you are feeling a little confused and fed up right now, maybe frustrated and lost your lust for life?

It’s sounds like you are disconnected from your soul…

Don’t panic! what you are feeling is very normal.


Sometimes in life you get carried along with the ride and forget who you are. That disconnect can be from a sudden event or can slowly burn away for years. Perhaps you lost sight of that dream you once had, or have stop taking part in your passions.

If you are here, I believe you found me for a reason. I don’t believe the universe does anything by accident. You are searching for something.

I’m here to remind you, you can dare to follow a dream, however frightening. You can make a better life being your true self.

You can feel…




and make true loving Connections

You just need support to align with that version of you, but trust that it already exists and is available to you right now.


So why hasn’t it happened yet?

There could be many reasons, but from my experience it usually stems from your core beliefs about yourself.

Perhaps you are thinking…

You’re not special enough

You don’t have the time or money

You’re scared

You’ll lose respect from those you love

Hey, guess what? we all feel that way! Congrats you are NORMAL!

I will teach you all the ways I got out of thinking that way - we are programmed from a young age to fit in. I’m asking you now to STICK OUT! scary huh!


You are incredible and you have immense power, you just don’t know how to own it yet.

But you will…

You need to learn to see it in yourself

To get past the negative self talk.


Because what if you don’t? How will you feel?

Where will you end up?


Do you know, nothing happens by accident.? If you are here, you want MORE

Maybe you can’t admit it yet. But the truth is…

You are here for a reason. 

You are here to serve others.

You are here to find and shine your BIG MAGIC.

It’s my job to show you how, to give you the confidence

and there is no time to waste as the world needs you.



I’m serious about changing the world. I’m driven to support you and understand you fully so that you can start to live the life you deserve.

I believe everyone has a large sphere of influence, so if you are healed and happy, you are spreading good energy in the world.

There’s a lot of improvement that can be made and it starts with you and me.

Changing the world one person at a time. Feels like a big mission huh!

Yes but 100% committed are you with me?…

The biggest gift I have is realising I can help you find your mission.

I’m passionate about this and you.

We are going on a ride and you won’t be getting off soon.

Until you get to the ‘real’ you, the one that feels fulfilled and full of purpose.

And when that happens everyone is happier, and that’s what the world needs.


  1. We connect you back to yourself. We’ll go deep into your vision, your strengths, your higher being, to find your place in the world. This is the part of you that knows what you need to do, so we’ll explore that thoroughly.

  2. I’ll help you identify your inner critic and negative self talk, why you can’t show up in this vision. I’ll show you tools and techniques to remind you when you go off track.

  3. We’ll find your inner wisdom and core confidence. From that space you will show up as the illuminated, sovereign person you were meant to be.


Desperate for that big vision, tired and burnt out doing a job you hate or lost in indecision on what to do next.

Irritable, uninspired but ready to make big changes in your life but terrified of doing it.

You probably feel you’re not cut out for this, but can’t stop wondering what if?

You want more, more time for yourself, your family or doing things you love. More money to to explore and have fun, and more quality of life.

Having been at a crossroads in my life earlier this year, Jo helped me clarify which path I should take the next few steps on. I have only been able to have 3 sessions to date, but that was enough to give me the confidence and impetus to start on creating a business and a life that’s right for me. Thank you Jo x
— Hayley Farr Photography


I am a fully trained CTI Co Active Life coach with experience of helping many to find their joy and purpose.

I have 10 years in creative corporate leadership roles, with big brands, knowing how to solve client problems.

I have 30 years of life experience from which I have overcome many challenges such as depression, chronic illness and burnout, bereavement and divorce. From these experiences I have learnt many skills and tools to manage such situations. My passion for self development spills over into my work and I am always learning and improving what I bring to my coaching.

In my early 20’s I had a spiritual awakening from a near death experience which changed my perspective on the world. I since have an inner calm and confidence that all will turn out ok.

Many comment that I always remain positive through challenges and can naturally guide others to find their answers.

Did I mention? I am also a single parent to three lovely (if not slightly crazy) children, which brings it’s own toolkit of experience!

I feel drawn to help those in need and would love to expand my work to a larger scale in the future.