Our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Our level of success is always going to parallel our level of personal development
— Hal Elrod, Miracle Mornings

Lovely to meet you, but It's no accident that you found me!

You are ready to redefine what a meaningful, adventurous, happy, peaceful life means for you. Everything in life happens for a reason and you have found yourself stuck but wanting to move on.

I'm very passionate about bringing about positive change in others for the better. I want to impact as many lives as possible and help people to connect to their higher self, inner reasoning from a place of love and non judgement. 

Having worked for years as a successful creative designer and manager in Bristol and London, I learnt that working in a corporate environment did not suit my sensitive and empathetic personality. Rather than continue and 'burn out' I chose to relocate to the countryside and choose a career that supports my life goals of travel, experience and service to others.

I now work with compassionate, creative and sensitive individuals who seek to make their world more beautiful and meaningful in the way that feels best for them. Whether you are stuck, a little lost or needing guidance on a particular issue, I am able to help you find your own practical guidance to finding solutions.

This passion was born out of a spiritual awakening during my early twenties and has developed and grown into a means through which I can guide and heal others. I use my gifts of intuition in my coaching although it is not immediately apparent, it is a means by which I can tune into you at a deeper level of understanding yourself. 

I'm a mother, artist, writer and seeker. I am half Finnish and love nature, dancing, travel and adventure. I'm known for taking bold risks and not following the rules!

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Josephine recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing at Goldsmiths University and also a Masters in Photojournalism at Westminster University part time. Her passionately creative and spiritual approach enables her to be an lateral thinker in alternative industries which allows the 'cross pollination' of ideas to provide original solutions. She brings fun and insight to environments that need 'shaking up'.

Josephine worked as a creative designer and design manager across many industries for 10 years in Bristol and London. She also worked as an freelance illustrator and textiles designer while caring for her young children.