I’m Josephine

Lovely to meet you!

I’m a half Finnish half English, 44 year old single mum to three. A life coach and artist, I would say I am multi-passionate!

A boho, I love travel, connecting with people and experience the richness of all that life is.

I also love my inner mystic (oracle cards, check, crystals.…).

You can find me either cosied up (I’m all about the Hygge) in rugs and knitted socks, painting outside or out sipping virgin cocktails in town.

I love a good rave as much as geeking out on quantum physics, or hanging out in my garden.

Others tell me my true gift is being passionate, creative and authentic, but also that I’m a committed cheerleader. I love working with you to find your inspiration in life, to connect with who you were meant to be and find that inner freedom.

I also work on a spiritual level with my guides to help you to tune into your higher self and find purpose in life.

I think i’ve found the perfect blend ways to connect with myself, that keeps me very happy and want to help others find theirs.

So, if you want to really to

-truly connect deeply with your soul purpose

-move past procrastination and fear

-be fulfilled and abundant, 100% authentic and in love with life

Check me out here

and over on Facebook.