First, it tops nearly every “Twenty First Century Skills” list ever made. The skills our children need to thrive in the future? According to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills—a collection of 250 researchers at 60 institutions—creativity. The quality most desirable in a CEO? According to a global survey conducted by IBM of 1500 top executives in 60 countries, creativity is again the answer.
— Psychology Today

In an age where the business culture pushes us hard for performance outcomes, creating little mental ‘downtime’ has had its consequences. Long term pressure leads to burnout, loss of productivity and poor efficiency. Ironically studies now show that working harder for longer produces less effective results in teams and individuals.

Now big corporations such as Google and Microsoft are realising the value of mindfulness and creative thinking in improving engagement, productivity and attention. By employing these ‘soft skills’ and allowing space in the working day, the overall effect is a more satisfied workforce and a higher quality of work. Allowing staff to use mindful techniques prompted by NLP, CBT and hypnotherapy, can enable them to access the brains theta waves, or ‘flow state’. Studies have proven when the brain is relaxed and in flow it can receive and process information much more effectively and intuition and creativity is hugely enhanced. In flow state the brain calms the nervous system, the heart and immune system is strengthened through the vagus nerve, so it is also beneficial to health. 

In a recent study run in Australia, 40 research subjects were presented with an exceptionally tricky brain teaser—the kind that requires a deep creative insight to solve. No one solved it. But when flow was induced artificially (using—for reasons that we’ll get to—transcranial magnetic stimulation), 23 subjects got the answer right and in record time.
— Psychology today

Scheduling in ‘down time’ to meditate, achieve flow and relax are skills that can be relearnt and integrated into any workforce. My creative team workshops are perfect to implement this.

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