Josephine is a professionally trained Co-Active Life coach, with over ten years creative in-house and agency experience, as a design manager and creative thinker. 

Josephine recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing at Goldsmiths University and is currently studying a Masters in Photojournalism at Westminster University part time. Her passion and creative mind enables her to be an lateral thinker in alternative industries which allows the 'cross pollination' of ideas to provide original solutions. She brings fun and insight to environments that need 'shaking up'.

She works 1:1 with entrepreneurs, small businesses, creative individuals, high flyers and coaches. Josephine believes you can use your own innate creativity to design a life that suits your personal needs and values, and by doing so you can achieve happiness and fulfilment.

Josephine also helps businesses, teams and organisations use their existing skills and talent pool to creatively innovate, build bold visions and inspire each other. 

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Living creatively and consciously.

You can experience life on different levels and achieve a range of results according to how you approach obstacles and opportunities. Designing your life really means choosing what you want on every level, creating your desires and making them a reality. Its about you embracing and loving your whole self, without judgement, shame or comparison. It's being unashamedly you, and proud!. By being authentic, you release more energy into your life to direct towards areas that will bring great rewards. It's like paying into your future self pension.

It's about getting to the end of your days and feeling satisfield you have lived the best life you possibly could. 


1:1 Coaching is for you if:

• You feel stuck and demotivated

• You want to combat fear and negative thoughts

• You have big dreams and goals but never achieve them

• You feel inauthentic or there's something missing from life

• You want more purpose and drive

• You are juggling all the balls and need to prioritise

• Worried life is running away and you don't know what to do.

• You worry about what people think


How a Designed Life feels:

• Confident & passionate

• Guided by your intuition and sense of purpose 

• Full of opportunity and action

• Focused to get tasks done

• More present, relaxed and fun!

• Free from bad habits and negative mindset

• Self assured in your demeanor and appearance 

• Organised and well structured

• Each day starts with focused intention 

Ready for change but want to be sure this is right for you? (and that we'll get along!)

Book a free no obligation Chemistry Call with me today


Coaching calls are conducted via Zoom video or WhatsApp call or if requested in person.

Contact me for a 30 minute free chemistry call.


A comprehensive overview of your current situation, detailed evaluations of your value system, life purpose, inner guidance. Focusing on areas of your choosing. Structured goals setting, homework/accountability tasks. Personalised recommendations for assisted further learning. A generous dose of love and support. Based on one hour sessions once a week (can be redesigned to suit your personal needs). 

Design your life

12 x 1:1 sessions once a week -12 weeks £1099 Starting at 12 weeks and continuing if needed 


If you’ve hit a dip and need to make a quick decision, or boost your self esteem fast this is the package for you. Can be extended if needed. 

Love + Courage Hard + Fast

4 x once a week 1:1 sessions £450 


2 hour laser focused coaching session on any subject 

Hot Box

2 hour 1:1 session £300 



Find your inner leader, become firm friends and use practical modalities to connect and use your inner strength daily. Using scientifically proven CBT and NLP techniques to ‘re-programme’ your brain’s hardware. This combined with your own guided intuition provides a powerful tool you can use for life. 

Deep Inner Guidance Incubator

2.5 hour 1:1 session £350 


Soul Purpose Session - Every wondered why you’re here, what you are ‘meant to do’?. Using powerful guided visualisation, and a focused mind mapping breakout session after, you will connect with your inner values and soul’s calling and find purpose to your life. 

Soul Purpose Discovery

2.5 hour 1:1 session £350 




What Josefin brings in her coaching is a subtle balance of components that might seem contradictory at first sight. This makes her coaching style rather unique. Ambition and determination can come across in a gentle way.

Kindness can be best friend with achievement… without forgetting a touch of creativity that can go with it sometimes too…

More personally, I’m grateful for Josefin helping me to connect again with spirituality in my life, without a need for being religious by all means. Thank you for that! 

Melanie Strahl


In the course of the coaching together so far, Josephine has helped me unblock and believe in myself again, as I have managed to depress myself and feed the doubts in the past. She has helped me become aware again of my gifts, and inner and outer resources and see the brighter side of myself. 

I have been feeding it since then and have now turned the book I had been writing into an e-course #becometheartistyouare which is selling. 

Thank you for helping me believe in and trust myself again!

Irena Ellis

Screenshot 2018-03-21 13.59.00.png

I can genuinely say that working with Josephine has been life-changing. I was a bit sceptical before starting this journey, especially the idea of coaching via video call and me not being a natural 'sharer'. I felt comfortable working with her and sharing my story from the word go. Whist the journey hasn't always been easy, my approach to life is transformed. I feel more capable, more confident, more assertive, more energised, more in touch with 'me'. And perhaps most importantly for me, less inclined to take any shit!

Work with this woman - you won't regret it!

Claire Coleman