I  work 1:1 with soulful entrepreneurs, coaches, small businesses, creative and spiritual individuals. I believe that by connection to your own inner guidance you can live a life that suits your personal needs and values, and by doing so you can achieve happiness and fulfilment. The world is changing rapidly and you have the chance to make an impact in the way you want. You have a choice to influence future generations through whatever gifts you bring. Sometimes it is hard to step into your own 'big shoes' and go out into the world as you really want to, to push yourself to meet your potential. I am adept at guiding you to find confidence in walking your path.


Living in alignment with your SOUL PURPOSE. 

Knowing you are GIVING to the world.

Feeling LIBERATED in yourself.

How you approach obstacles and opportunities in your life affects the outcome. Being 'conscious' in your life really means choosing what you want on every level, creating your desires and making them a reality. Its about you embracing your gifts and loving your whole self, without judgement, shame or comparison. It's being unashamedly you, even in your weirdness and proud!. By being authentic, you release more energy into your life and in turn giving you the confidence to make a difference to others. It's like paying into your future self (and world) pension.

It's about getting to the end of your days and feeling satisfield you have lived the best life you possibly could and influenced people for the better. 


Life Coaching is for you if:

• You feel stuck and demotivated

• You want to combat fear and negative thoughts

• You have big dreams and goals but never achieve them

• You feel inauthentic or there's something missing from life

• You want more purpose and drive

• You are juggling all the balls and need to prioritise

• Worried life is running away and you don't know what to do.

• You worry about what people think


How a 'Conscious' Life feels:

• Confident & passionate

• Guided by your intuition and sense   of purpose 

• Full of opportunity and action

• Focused to get tasks done

• More present, relaxed and fun!

• Free from bad habits and negative mindset

• Self assured in your demeanor and appearance 

• Organised and well structured

• Each day starts with focused intention 

What Josefin brings in her coaching is a subtle balance of components that might seem contradictory at first sight. This makes her coaching style rather unique. Ambition and determination can come across in a gentle way.

Kindness can be best friend with achievement… without forgetting a touch of creativity that can go with it sometimes too…

More personally, I’m grateful for Josefin helping me to connect again with spirituality in my life, without a need for being religious by all means. Thank you for that! 
— Mélanie Massaro Goetz HR Director, Biomaterials Sweden

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